Car Parts Finding Vintage Treasure At Your Local Wrecking Yard

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Finding car parts for your vintage car can be difficult, making difficult the wonderful hobby of car restoration. While tracking down the missing pieces of your motor mystery might be an exciting part of the challenge of vintage car restoration, it shouldn’t become a time consuming trial that takes you away from spending time with your beloved vehicle. Here are a few tips to help make hunting down those vintage car parts just a little bit easier.

When your ten-year old car breaks down, you visit your local dealership to find replacement parts, but when the car in question was last made in the fifties, replacement parts are not so readily available. The best source for vintage car parts is possibly your local junkyard, but you obviously won’t have the same consumer rights there! When cars arrive at the wrecking yard, salvageable parts will be removed, but the number of cars arriving at these yards precludes the staff that works there making a catalogue or other record of these parts. Explain your situation to a member of this staff and ask to rummage through the car parts yourself. Remember that wrecking yards are not as customer oriented as a car dealership would be, and always ask before you wander off into other areas of the yard.

Before you go to the wrecking yard, be sure to make a detailed account of what you are looking for, and take photos of your car if necessary. If you are looking to replace an older part, be sure to bring that with you, as it can help you make comparisons with possible replacements, and you can also use it as a trade-in. Be sure to do your research before visiting the yard too, to ensure that you know exactly what you’re looking for and that you understand when a close match will do if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for.

Wrecking yards are often not the safest places to be, so be careful as you hunt through the debris of old cars looking for your valuable find. Dress appropriately and watch where you step. Remember to bring your own tools, as wrecking yard staff might not be permitted to give you theirs, and always keep your eyes peeled – you never know where your next find might be.

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