Less Self Catering More Being Catered To

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Consider throwing time into the wind and taking off on a voyage to explore new worlds, meet new people, and build up a number of new experiences and memories. That is what is waiting for you when you decide to go on a long cruise holiday.

Holidays at sea are often shorter than you would like. Once you really get into the groove of things, the holiday is over, and then you go home and are dreaming of the next holidays where you can get out and enjoy yourself and maybe do more next time. Well, why wait until next time? Why not take a long voyage this time?

Consider these options, being somewhere that is a self catering environment where you have to take care of all the details, or being on a cruise ship where you are treated like royalty and all your needs are met. Longer cruises mean a longer time of being pampered, and more time to get to know your ship, as well as more destinations for the ship to stop at along the way, meaning more adventures for you to experience.

These don’t have to be month-long cruises, although they could be. But you can start with cruises that are about a week long. A popular of these cruises is A San Diego to Baja, Mexico cruise on the Carnival Cruise Ship Elation. This 885 foot long floating resort offers all the comforts of home, plus many of the luxuries you are not used to from your home in one large sailing package.

For something a little longer, there is a 15-day Panama Canal trip. At this length, you can enjoy a completely relaxing experience in which time you will become at home on the ship, get to know your way around, and be able to take the most advantage of what it has to offer.

Another two-week cruise trip will take you back in time through the Isles of Greece. The 14-day trips will give you the chance to see 12 of the Greek Islands including Naxos and Mykonos. During your stops, you will be able to see the ancient ruins of this region and enjoy the beaches, thinking back to a time when some of the worlds intellectual giants were looking at the same horizon.

If you’re really adventurous, you can take a full month to travel to Europe and back. You could choose docking in Ireland, France or Holland. If you don’t want to spend quite as much time at sea, you could make it a one-way sail and fly the other way. Flying to Europe and then sailing to New York will give you a feel of what it was like in centuries past when immigrants were heading to the New World.

While at first glimpse it may seem it costs a lot to take such a long cruise, when you really look at the numbers, it is not as bad as it first seemed. Since your cruising cost covers your room, all your meals and many entertainment items it is a great deal and a great way to see the world.

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