What To Expect On A Cruise

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Celebrating your honeymoon? Want a few weeks alone to “get away from it all”? Consider taking a cruise, where you’ll literally sail into the sunset for a great adventure.

There are many different kinds of cruises, for every budget, need and personality. But whatever kind of cruise you take, here are some things you can expect:

Accommodations. Most cruise accommodations are smaller than what you’d get from a hotel room. You can try to get a suite, or get several rooms for a large party, but before selecting, think about how much time you’ll be spending in the room, how long your trip is, and your own personal standards of “comfortable”.

Dining. Cruise ships are often very luxurious, with dining accommodations appropriately decorated with the finest furniture and interiors. You’ll also find a wide range of dishes, often with a special menu for children. You can also get room service, or visit the 24-hour snack bar. Most cruises will also have a midnight buffet.

Activities. Most cruises are as equipped with facilities as a five-star hotel. You’ll find spas, salons, boutiques, even gyms and pools. Cruises will also provide entertainment, likely nightly dance shows or comedy skits, while others even have movie theatres! You may also ask for a room with a TV, or visit the stateroom.. But why not do something different while you’re on the cruise? Take dance lessons, try your luck at the casino, or join games and contests.

Excursions. The cruise liner will often dock for people to take excursions and see the area’s best sights. You’ll be able to do watersports, go shopping, see landmarks, or sign up for fun tours and adventures from horseback riding to huntin…

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