Parlors And Internet Coupons

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The Parlor business is a very competitive business. There are parlors being put up left and right nowadays. Differentiating yourself from the other parlors is a loaded question for the parlor owner. If you own a parlor business, then how can you stand out from your competitors? The internet is a great tool for you to gain a competitive advantage from the rest of the pack. Internet coupons nowadays offer great ways on increasing the performance of a parlor business. Below are several ways that this can be done.

One way of taking advantage of the internet coupon concept is by coming up with a loyalty discount. A loyalty discount can come in a way like this, “Present this coupon and get a loyalty card. This card will give you your tenth shampoo free of charge.” Since a customer will not have ten shampoos in one sitting, the customer will be enticed to get a shampoo nine times so that he or she could get a free shampoo on his tenth visit. This loyalty card system will allow you to boost your sales in the long run. By providing competent service from time to time, your customers will keep on coming back for more of your service. They will also remember your business whenever they see their loyalty card. Not only will the customer remember your great service, they will also be willing to come back so that they get a tenth free shampoo. Many businesses, especially new business, fail to do this form of marketing. If more used this approach, they would be a lot more successful in marketing their business.

Another way that a parlor business can take advantage of internet coupons is by coming up with service combination discounts. This kind of internet coupon may look something like this, “Get a shampoo, a massage, a foot scrub, and then you will get a blow dry for free!” This will sound attractive especially to those customers who love pampering themselves in the parlor. When they see such a promo, they will grab it since an extra blow dry means another twenty or so minutes in the parlor. People value things like this. Parlors should offer a total service package offer if they really want to get the heart of their customers. The customers should feel like a king whenever they finish their parlor session. Using the internet coupon is the gateway in order to get your customers heart. Once they are in your parlor, the show is on you. Do your best and watch your parlor business grow.

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