Knowing Your Manners On A Ship

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It can be really exciting going on holiday but when you are considering going on a cruise, there are some things which you really need to think about. Things such as manners are often forgotten and whilst you may be paying a lot of money to go on the vacation, you still need to remember to be polite.

Remembering Your Manners

You are not going to be alone on the ship even if you are actually traveling alone. Generally the passengers on the ship including you are part of a community and even the staff is included in that too. Think about it, you have your meals cooked for you and you do not even have to do any washing up. Yes you are paying for the privilege but there really is no need to be rude to staff and passengers because you have paid!

So how should you act on a cruise ship? Well the first thing you should consider is tipping. When you go to a restaurant or to the hairdressers, usually it is custom to leave a tip afterwards. This is exactly the same on a cruise ship so whenever you can, tip the staff for their service to you. After all you cannot have a good time if the staff look miserable and if they provide poor service can you.

Now when it comes to the other passengers there are also basic rules that you should stick to. The first is not to cut in line for things. Whether it is for an attraction, a queue to eat or generally just when passengers are standing around, it is just not nice to cut in front of people or rudely push them out of the way. So if you do need to get passed somebody be polite about it and don’t spoil the relaxing atmosphere.

You should also consider your manners when you are watching something such as a theatre show. When everyone is trying to focus on the show they do not want to hear you talking or making a lot of noise so be respectful of that and you should be ok.

One thing which you may not think about is the dress code on the ship. Now each cruise liner will be different but usually there are quite strict rules about what you should and shouldn’t wear, especially during meal times. So if you do prefer to dress a little more casual then ensure that there is a fairly casual restaurant on the cruise ship.

If you do not follow simply ship rules then the other passengers could feel uncomfortable and they could start to dislike you for your lack of compliance. This would obviously make the vacation a little less enjoyable and you would not com back feeling refreshed. Cruises provide you with a fantastic opportunity to see new things and to forget about everything so do not spoil it by not following general ship rules.

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