Cruising For Travel Values

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For people looking for a particular travel value, taking a cruise just might be the answer.

It seems several cruise lines have beefed up their fleets and the additional ships need filling. Among purveyors in the travel industry, cruise bookings seem to be a particular value at this time. And if cruising still seems expensive, remember that it includes your travel, hotel and meals. Plus you will avoid costly add-ons like entertainment, car rentals, car insurance and parking, airport transfers and, to some extent, tipping. Cruises are all included way to travel and relax. Try a Cruise.

Cruises in the Caribbean are very popular now because of the amazing values offered on most kinds of trip including high-end luxury. With more ships in the market, greater opportunities are available to travelers. Just now, it seems that the traveler can get huge value for his or her cruising dollar. Since cruises are all-inclusive packages, for one set price you are getting the experience of a cruise and different ports, accommodations, at least three meals a day plus snacks, a range of shipboard activities, nightly entertainment, and fitness facilities. It’s hard to beat the value in that. Programs vary by ship and cruise line, so consult a travel agent or the Internet to find the best fit for your needs and budget. There are many cruise purveyors on the internet who advertise discount cruises, some up too 70 and 75%.

These unbelievable savings stem from the practice that cruises are booked far in advance and the cruise lines know months ahead of sailing which ships are under booked. Ships are not like airplanes, they are not government subsidized or bailed out of financial difficulties. They are independently own and there are few last minute bookings for people who have to travel. Cruises are a luxury item and unsold vacancies cut deeply into profits.

There is also a website that will compare similar cruises from up to 120 different offers to find the cheapest priced cruise to your intended destination. But price isn’t value and just getting a good price is not equivalent to value. How do you know if you have booked a great deal or a floating motel 6?

Of course you must research cruise lines before you book or travel. Do listen to the travel tips of friends and acquaintances but do more. Go to “chat” lines and ask what kind of experiences people have had with “abc” cruise lines. Ask what cruises people have enjoyed and what cruise lines really delivered on their promises. People love to recount their travel tales and, if you listen to enough, you will have a fair idea of which cruise line to seek out and which should be avoided at all cost.

Finally, once you have chosen a cruise see if the travel to the ship’s departure site is included. Usually these costs are included and outlined in the cruise line brochure, but when it is extra, travel to the port can rival the cost of the cruise itself. If you have chosen a cruise to the Caribbean that leaves from Miami, Florida and you live in Oregon, the travel cost to Florida can be a major addition that turns your budget cruise into a travel budget breaker.

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