Unique Tours Of Spain

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For a unique trip, consider a tour of Spain. There are many unique tours that allow you to see the country side and enjoy nature. The internet is a good place to research tour companies and find the best tour for your trip. Find out what is included and what you need to pay for when you book your tour.

Unique Tours of Spain

Cycling Tours

If you love cycling and want to experience nature, consider a cycling tour of Spain. Cycling tours are a great way to explore the countryside, rural areas and small villages throughout the country. There are a range of itineraries offered by various companies. Many of these depend on ability and fitness level. If you are very fit, you may consider a mountain biking tour.

Most cycling tours stick to the flat valley and country areas of the country. These can be guided tours or you can set off on your own and meet up with the group at the end of the day. Tours give you a chance to visit historical sites, off the beaten path attractions and sample the local cuisine.

When you sign up for the tour, you will be given an itinerary and a detailed map of the route. The company will provide a cycle in the price of the tour. Your accommodations are included in most tours. You travel from hotel to hotel. The company will transport your luggage from one hotel to the next.

Wine and Food Tours

Spain is known for its cuisine and wine production. Wine and food tours are a great way to taste the local wines and cuisine of the various areas of the country. These tours are available for one or two week trips. You will be given an itinerary and information on what is included in the tour.

Most tours include meals, entrance fees to wineries and attractions, evening entertainment, transportation and accommodation. Depending on the tour, you may stay at one hotel or travel throughout the region and stay in several hotels. This information will be included in your itinerary.

Wildlife Tours

Wildlife tours are a great way to enjoy nature and observe a variety of wildlife in a natural habitat. Some are bird watching tours and others combine a variety of wildlife and plant observation. These are walking tours. Some are only one day tours, while others are several days.

Walking tours are very popular in the Pyrenees mountains. These walking tours are a great way to look for wildlife. The animals and birds you will see depend on the area you visit and the time of year of the trip. A variety of plants can be seen in bloom during different seasons.

Finding Tours of Spain

The internet is a great place to find information on a variety of tours through Spain. Most tour companies have websites with detailed information and sample itineraries for the tours they offer. Some advertise on larger travel websites. Take some time to research the various companies to find a tour that has everything you want in your vacation.

Decide what type of tour you want to take and what area you want to visit. Wildlife tours can be found in the mountain areas as well as country areas. You will see a greater variety of wild life in the mountain areas and less populated areas. Wine tours can be found in many different areas of the country.

Find out what is included in your tour. In most cases, your accommodations, transportation and some meals will be included. In some cases, all meals are included. On other tours, only some meals, such as breakfast and dinner are included in the price of the tour. Ask for specifics about what is included in the price of the tour.

Most tours do not include:


oRoom services



oTravel insurance

oEntrance fees, unless specified on the itinerary

oMeals not listed on the itinerary

oLong distance telephone charges

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