Guaranteed Credit Cards Use Them Wisely

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Credit cards are becoming increasingly vital in a wide range of situations. Have you ever tried to rent a car, or shop online without one? It’s not easy. In fact, with the growth of shopping online, more frequent international travel, and people paying for goods and services over the phone, it is almost vital for an increasing number of people to have access to credit cards.

There are therefore, plenty of valid reasons why anybody would want a credit card these days. Gone are the days when credit cards were seen as the preserve of the rich, or very big spenders, who liked to bankrupt themselves, or spend a fortune on shopping sprees. These days, people need credit cards simply to go about their business without being stuck in situations where they have no methods of payment available to them in an increasing number of situations.

Guaranteed credit cards are a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly popular. It has come to the UK from the United States, as most credit card variations have done. For people with bad credit ratings, guaranteed credit cards are extremely attractive. There are adds on the television, the internet and pretty much everywhere, that guarantee credit cards to everyone that applies for them, regardless of whether or not they seem to be in a position to afford them.

You should approach these offers with great caution. If you think about the steps that most lenders take, you will be forced to become suspicious of guaranteed credit cards. Most lenders carefully assess the risk involved whenever they lend out money. They look at your credit history, how much you earn, how much you owe and many other factors. If they find that you are of high risk, then they will either refuse to lend to you, or change the terms of the credit so that you provide them with extra security or pay higher interest rates or both.

If you hear of credit card providers that seem to be willing to forgo this important step, and simply lend you the money without looking into your finances and credit history at all, then you can be pretty sure that the interest rate will be very high. As well as high interest rates however, there will be other terms and conditions that will be less attractive than usual. You will be subject to very high penalty fees for late payment and these lenders will also be probably very fast to refer you to debt collection agencies. Therefore, if you do opt for this, then be careful, and use the card wisely.

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