Gas Rebate Credit Card Ways To Save On That Fuel Bill

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Almost weekly gasoline prices are going to new heights. This has necessitated many people to look for new ways to cut back on their fuel bill. Although more people now than ever are taking public transportation when they go to work, weekly purchases of gas for your vehicle are still pretty much a necessity. One way to save your hard earned dollars on gas purchases is by looking at the variety of gas rebate credit card offers now available.

If you already have credit cards but they don’t offer rewards or more specifically a gas rebate on your fuel purchases, you may want to take a few moments while you’re on the internet and see what new offers are accessible. You may be surprised at the number of new bargains that can save you cash.

The rebate amount a cardholder can earn varies with an average of three percent. While at each fill up this doesn’t sound like much, but just like with clipping coupons for groceries, over time those dollars and cents turn into hundreds of dollars. Think of the extra miles you could drive with a gas rebate credit card.

Some of the gas rebate credit cards and the reward credit cards extend a special introductory offer of additional savings on your gasoline purchases for a specified time, as much as an extra ten percent. If you’re planning a driving vacation this summer, this might be just the right time to look at these special gas rebate credit cards. This is definitely one way to stretch your dollar.

If you do decide to take the plunge and apply for a new gas rebate credit card, be sure to use the usual caution when applying for a new credit card and read the fine print. Does it have an annual fee or is their an over the limit fee? Most credit cards also charge a late fee so you should be aware of what percentage that is also. One last thing and most important, what is the regular interest rate once the initial introductory APR period is over?

Credit card companies are working hard for your business. Be sure to shop around and compare for the best gas rebate credit card offer. Take advantage of your buying power of one, it really does count.

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