Gas Tractor Versus Diesel Tractor

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There are many different reasons as to why a diesel

compact tractor is superior to a gasoline garden


First of all, the diesel engine doesn’t have the

parts that normally wear out or give problems. There

are no spark plugs, rotors, points, or distributor

caps like the garden tractor. There is no carburetor

either, that will gum up and be hard to start after

being stored for a long period of time. Diesel engines

can be stored for long periods of time and still start

right up.

Secondly, diesel engines in most tractors are water

cooled. This will allow the engine to run at a more

consistent and cooler temperature, which will extend

the life of the engine. The typical properly

maintained diesel engine can run thousands of hours

without breaking a sweat – and without having to be


Diesel engines will also make more power. Even though

gasoline tractors may be a little quicker to start

with, they can’t begin to match the power and raw

torque that diesel engines offer.

Another reason why diesel tractors are better than

gas is the available attachments. Most gasoline

tractors are equipped with a belly mower and don’t

normally have a three point hitch. This will severely

limit the type of implements that you can use and

also limit the tractors expandability.

Most blades and scoop implements won’t work with a

gasoline tractor. The drive train will also limit

the type of implement you can use with a garden

tractor. The typical gasoline garden tractor is

belt driven, while a belt drive won’t pull as much

load as a diesel powered tractor. You would probably

not be able to use a box blade or tiller either

with the average gasoline powered tractor.

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