After Your Boat Purchase

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Once you’ve made the purchase on a brand new boat

you’ll be very excited – as you should be! The

first thing to do is celebrate with your family and

friends, you deserve it. You shouldn’t rush out

on the water immediately after the purchase, as

you have some things to take care of first.

If you are new to boating, you should take a

safety course first. There is a lot to know about

boats. Being out on the water is a lot of fun,

although there are things you should know and

things you should always be aware of.

After buying your boat, you should register it and

re-title the boat and trailer if you need to. Pay

your sales tax and apply any up to date registration

stickers if you need to. Also, make sure you buy

the proper insurance for your boat, as it will

protect you while you are on the water.

When you make your first trip on the water, you

should do so with an experienced boater. You can

have them show you turning in tight spaces, even

trailering and docking. Practice docking in

different currents and take the helm with the

boater there to help you. Get comfortable at the

helm enough to where you’ll feel comfortable taking

others out for a ride.

The world of boating can be very fun, offering you

many things to do and a lot to see. Boating offers

plenty of freedom as well, especially for those who

are completely new to boating. Your first boat

purchase is very important, as it opens up new doors

in life. Your family will enjoy boating, all you

have to do is give it a chance!

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