Get Rich Quick Scams Revealed

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Like many of you, i’ve searched the internet far and wide to find an easier way to make money other than our normal 9-5 job (which leaves most of us with little satisfaction!). Also like many of you, i’ve purchased Get Rich Quick programs online that promised us the world but were disappointing in the long run.

I’m here to tell you that our staff has discovered that over 90% of these so-called Get Rich Quick programs are A COMPLETE WASTE OF YOUR MONEY!!! Sure, they all sound enticing with “real testimonials”, bank statements suposedly showing the success of the program, and finally the WILD GUARANTEES that you can make thousands a day by only working 5 minutes. I’m sure you have fallen victim to one of these types of programs before, I know I have! In reality, the only person who is going to make money off of one of these programs is the creator….because he roped us in to buying his useless ebook!

So after many, many ebook purchases and just as many disappointments, I told myself that enough is enough!! I was going to get to the bottom of the Get Rich Quick phenomena to see if there were any programs out there that were not a complete load of crap. To get our hands on some of these ebooks, we posed as website reviewers for a new online awards program. We emailed the ebook creators and said that we have heard alot about your site and we’d like to review it and possibly give you our award seal to add to your site. I knew that if anyone was going to fall for that lame scheme, it would be the sites that were thrown together overnight to try and make money selling garbage. To our surprise, we were able to get alot of ebooks using this method, but there were still some sites that ignored our attempts or gave us nasty replies!! In the end we broke down and purchased some in hopes of finding a diamond in the rough.

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