How To Be A Pickup Artist

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Are you tired of striking out with women? Are you clueless about what it takes to pickup hot girls? Well comb the gel out of your hair and put the Porche key back in your pocket.

It’s not how much money she thinks you have. Picking up women is not rocket science. It’s a simple step by step process. Women are people. People are ruled by basic laws of psychology. Use psychology correctly and she will give you what you want. Use it incorrectly and she will be confused and probably creeped out. Here is the simple three step pickup method.

STEP ONE: Be confident: Confidence is king. Walk like you have a purpose. Make eye contact. Don’t look away when she looks at you. Smile and say hello.

So she is beautiful, so what. She’s still just a person. If she thinks you are intimidated by her you’re done before

you start. So show confidence even if you don’t feel it. The guy in the bar who buys expensive drinks and flashes his diamond ring is not confident. He’s trying to buy something. The woman who goes with him is looking for sugar daddy and when sugar daddy runs out of money he runs out of luck.

STEP TWO:TALK: Chit cat. Make small talk. Don’t launch into your life story. Keep it light. Make her laugh.

If it’s a bitter cold day rub your hands together and say something like; “Man I could really go for some ice cream right now.” Remember, smile and make eye contact.

Get her talking, but be casual about it. Don’t ramble on in a high pitched voice. Don’t tell her every intimate detail of your day. Just chat about nothing and get a smile out of her. If she sees your confidence she will fall out laughing at your dumb joke or silly comment. People are all the same. Everyone wants to get in on the fun. Convince her that you are having fun and she will want to join in.

STEP THREE: Introduce yourself and go for the pickup: “I’m Greg, do you wanna get a cup of coffee? There’s a place right around the corner.”

For that sexy neighbor downstairs, “I’m Jeff, I live upstairs. I was gonna order a pizza and watch a DVD. Wanna join me?”

For a girl you already know or see around a lot: “Are you going to be at “Pete’s” tonight? We can buy each other drinks.”

Avoid traditional dating. I’ll say it again, “Avoid traditional dating at all costs!” Keep it casual. The structure of traditional dating is too high pressure. Also, you can’t have a bad date if you never really have a “date”.

The most important thing is “DO IT!” Start approaching women right now. Remember, confidence is sexy.

If she says no to the pickup ask for her phone number. If she says no to that, give her yours. Then smile, say “Okay, maybe I’ll see you around. Bye.” and move on to the next woman.

Don’t take a no personally. Don’t get mad and cuss her out. For God’s sake DON’T BEG!!!

She could have a thousand reasons for saying no that have nothing to do with you. Remember, women are people. People have lives. She might say yes next time. Getting mad only hurts your chances of success in the future.

Don’t treat a woman like a one shot opportunity. You’ll come acrross as desperate. Remember, you must appear confident.

Confidence is key and confidence is king.

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