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Few road vehicles look as unique and stunning as Choppers. These customized bikes epitomize all things wild and creative in the bike world. In simple terms, a chopper is a bike, usually a Harley Davidson or Indian, which has several of its parts ‘chopped off’. This is done in order to make the vehicle lighter, easier to maneuver and more eye-catching.

Choppers started appearing around World War II, when soldiers returning home desired lighter bikes, like the ones they had used in Europe. In order to get the desired effect, they began removing unwanted parts from their bikes back home, which resulted in the ” birth” of choppers. Over the years, the concept of choppers evolved and was not restricted to only chopping off parts from the vehicle. Several people started customizing their bikes in order to suit their personal tastes. Customized chopper parts soon became a craze and took the market by storm.

The most popular chopper parts that bike enthusiasts tend to fiddle around with are the handlebars, wheels and tires. In most choppers, the handlebars are extended to give the rider greater comfort, especially during long road-trips. The wheels are often customized to add that extra bit of style to the bike. While magnesium alloy wheels are growing in popularity, several still prefer the normal spoke wheels. The most exotic of these wheels are the classic 160 and 120 spoke wheels. Tires are another significant feature of choppers. In most cases, the front wheel is narrowed down while the rear one is broadened to provide extra grip and stability.

Other popular chopper parts include fuel tanks, body frames, seats and front and rear brakes. Several of these parts can be further customized upon the request of the owner. Before making the purchase, one must make sure the parts are from a genuine dealer and are compatible with the vehicle. Although some of them chopper parts would seem a bit pricey, they definitely serve to highlight the beauty and individuality of these lovely machines.

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