The Bad The Loud And The Proud

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I really like it when I see a car, looking terrible, old, rusted, and dirty, with the speakers just booming. HAH! What a way to make my day. It is clear where some peoples priorities lie. Most of the younger crowd would rather have booming subwoofers, big crazy speakers, and grade A stereo decks, than a nice car.

So let me get this straight – If the average 17 year old, generally males, had 1000 dollars to put towards a vehicle, they would spend 300 on the car and 700 on the speaker system. CRAZYNESS!

“Aw dude, check out this stereo…. Awesome sound”. Yeah, thats swell man, but your car only has 3 wheels. To the more “mature” crowd, sound would be a ridiculus choice over vehicle type. How cool do those kids think they are in there busted cars booming down the road, with their hat on backwords, in an undershirt, with music on louder than than the average person can even handle from the outside of the vehicle? It’s clear how cool they look….

Exhaust is another one. 300 dollar car, 800 dollar exhaust. And if not full exhaust, then a boom can. This must be so that they have an excuse for loud music. “I gotta be able to hear the tunes over the car man”. Brutal. Poor kids. They save up for things like these. Seriously. So now they have 1800 dollars into a car that is worth 300, and the resale is terrible – if at all possible – so they drive it till it dies and start all over with a new one. How hard are they qoing to be kicking themselves when they find out it is a losing investment? Poor kids…

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