Bug Protection For Your Car

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Here in the southern U.S., we residents are used to a bug population that can only make an anteater smack his lips. From about early April to the first frost, bugs outnumber people about 1000 to 1. Some would say 1 million to 1. Quite frankly, bugs are everywhere: in the yard, in the house, on your car, etc. Products containing DEET help, but they can do nothing to protect your car. Think I am exaggerating? Just drive down any southern back road at dusk and see how long it takes for your windshield and hood to be splattered with bug juice. It can get so bad that no amount of windshield washer fluid can keep up with it all. What to do? Well, if you are like many motorists you get some protection for your car. No, I am not saying to spray it with a can of OFF! or drive around with a car cover on it. Instead, there are two must have accessories that can and will make a difference. You’ll have to read on to find out just what I am talking about.

Car bras – Some call them hood protectors while others call them car bras. Regardless, this particular accessory provides the greatest protection for the front end of most any passenger vehicle. Customized for your vehicle, car bras slip over the front end, covering the grille and the adjoining section of the hood. Some car bras are designed to extend further up the hood almost to the windshield. Some consist of two part sections that permit motorists to access the hood without taking off the bra, while others are a one piece accessory that must be removed before opening the hood. Both styles are effective in deflecting bugs from the grille and can protect a portion of the hood.

Bug deflectors – Also called bug shields, bug deflectors function chiefly to guard your hood and windshield from bug debris. Furthermore, some bug deflectors can repel other small objects including stones kicked up from the road which can then break your windshield. A bug deflector is installed at the top part of your grille at the point where the grille meets the front part of your vehicle’s hood. Like car bras, bug deflectors are sized for the particular brand and model you own, though there are some models that can be custom cut and sized by consumers too. Typically, a heavy-duty double adhesive tape fastens the deflector in place, as a result no drilling is required.

Usually, drivers put in one or the other accessory on their vehicles and not both as a bug deflector must adhere to the car itself; it cannot stay in place if fastened to part of the bra. However, some bras are designed with a lip installed that sits across the hood of your vehicle, acting as a mini bug deflector all of its own.

So, if you live in the South or you are planning a trip down here, protect your vehicle before you leave your home. A car bra or a bug shield will do a very good job in reducing bug splatter and keep you from going through gallons of windshield washer fluid while protecting your car’s finish.

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